MC Zulu – Free Promo Album

mc zulu soca dancehall reggae
МС Zulu делится десятитрековым альбомом, состоящим из выходивших ранее коллабораций с всевозможными продюсерами, среди которых DJ C, South Rakkas, мой любимый Ghislain Poirier, Sabbo и т.д.

Around 2005 I started linking up with Dance music DJs, and everything started going sideways. Soon after I would be performing to larger and more enthusiastic crowds in various parts of the globe.
I have seen the idea of MC’ing evolve to include many different languages and dialects, and I am grateful to be a part of it.

My favorite emphasis is on the music which defies category. Music is mixed and matched at will, without respect to origins. The overall feel is most important. I am working on new material again, so you can use these songs to get fully acquainted.

01. Body Rock f. Douster
02. Darling f. Ghislain Poirier
03. Ghettoblaster f. David Last
04. Go Ballistic f. Wildlife!
05. Lose Control f. Kush Arora
06. N4Ma Deh f. Searchl1te
07. Ransom The Senator f. DJ C
08. Spanish Fly f. Sabbo
09. The Ambassadors f. South Rakkas
10. Walk The Dawg f. Delon Reid


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