Igit — More Jungle, More

Yo massive!
I’m glad to represent u my promo mix. This mix included only my and collab tunes and it’s result of my 2 years production. Want to say thanks and respect to everyone who helped, advise and support me for this years. So it’s only begin, more tunes to come. Special thanks to Ragga-Jungle.com crew and Raggajungle.biz crew for chance to communicate to junglists all over the world. Respect to everyone who listen and playin my tunes. Peace brothers and sisters. Hope u enjoy it. One love!


01 Igit & Junglefever — Tribute (Unreleased)
02 FeyDer & Igit — The Wig (MYRD02)
03 Igit — Big It Up (MYRD02)
04 Igit — Bust Out Pon Dem (BDJ02)
05 Igit — Gal U Look Nice (MYRD01FREE)
06 Igit — Pas De Problemes (MYRD01FREE)
07 Isaac Maya ft. MC Mega Zimze — Mista DJ (Igit Remix) (LOFREQ05)
08 FeyDer & Igit — Mystical Truth (JULI02)
09 Igit ft. DiegoJah — Let It Grow Remix (Unreleased)
10 Igit & FeyDer — Mi Gun Nah Stick (MYRD02)
11 Igit — Glaz Da Glaz (Unreleased)
12 Igit & Rajah — Sweetest Love (MYRD03)
13 Igit — Neva Eva (DUBNZ02)
14 Igit — Elena (LOFREQ04)
15 Igit ft. Mihey & Jumangee — Suka Lubov Remix (Unreleased)
16 Igit — Sleep Sugar (Unreleased)

Foto by Irina Perukhina.

Feel free to contact me!
AIM: Digital Yout
ICQ: 599763070

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