Интервью с Aaron Spectre aka Drumcorps

Новое интервью, в котором Aaron Spectre размышляет о всяких актуальных штуках) Радуюсь, что любимая программа — аблетон)

How are you and what are you doing at the moment?
Right now I’m waking up after a proper rinseout of a show last night! One of my favorite bands at a local venue, and they are from here. Brilliant show. It’s a morning-after feeling. The sun is shining.

Can you give us a bit of background on yourself and your music?
I was born in the middle of Massachusetts in a small town / suburban sprawl area. I was really unhappy with the environment out there at the time, and found a good community at the hardcore thing. Got into Electronic music and started making it. Moved to NYC to go to university for Music, and worked in the music biz for a little bit. Moved to Berlin and started touring the world. Moved back to Boston and have been finishing off the 2nd album for a while now. Almost done.

Would your recorded studio work differ much to your live gigs?
Studio and live are different animals entirely. Live is more about the mood and the feedback loop between audience and stage. Studio is a one-way thing. Here’s the stuff! Here you go! Live is a two-way street. There’s a conversation going on between stage and crowd, and within the crowd itself. You have to be aware of that balance live, it is the thing that matters the most.
At your drumcorps show at bangface I seen that you played the gig more like a band would than a dj was this the natural progression for you with your music at live shows or would you still play aaron spectre shows that you would just play a dj set or do you much prefer the live thing?
I prefer the live thing right now. It’s harder. It forces me to push myself in ways you don’t get with DJ sets. As a DJ you aren’t putting yourself out there as much. It’s more safe. Mix and play – okay cool. People can read your mood of course, but it doesn’t matter, what matters is the MUSIC and the flow. But the stage reveals all. You have to be ready. It is all about your mental state on the stage. The music is a given, but there is a lot beyond that.

I’ve seen a few videos of your live drumcorps show, could you just explain your usual set-up or would it vary from show to show?
Guitar and Amp w/ a few pedals on one side, keyboards and computer on the other side.

Favorite hardware?
Gibson SG standard

Favourite Software?
Ableton Live

Who/what are your main influences?
Converge, Dead Can Dance, Brian Eno, Harold Budd,

Any thing interesting coming up? Releases/Remixes/Collaborations/Festivals etc etc?
I’m currently finishing up my 2nd album, it’s been a crazy journey on this one. You’ll see . . .

Any top studio/production tips?
Create quiet, but mix loud. Walk around and leave the room while the music is playing to get perspective. for some reason being dead center of the studio monitors can blind you to the truth. Leaving the room and listening to your tunes from afar exposes any “dead wood” or meandering passages that don’t go anywhere. Cut out the fat and your tunes will be powerful. It always sounds best from the doorway!

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