Tango – Bassfreqs Podcast 010

..An oldschool producer/DJ don offering up a new mix that’s filled with old (not crusty, but classic) sounds inna mix session. It’s like a re-education to those who’ve been around a while and a base knowledge sharing with the new heads that are listening. No matter how ya cut it, it’s golden and you need to hear it.

Tango touchin’ down with Bassfreqs for this one, all masive!

01. The Poem- Acoustic Assault Squad (Reflective Records)
02. Chicken & Sweetcorn- Krispy Krouton (white label)
03. Volume 4- Wax Doctor (Basement Records)
04. Don’t Just Stand There- Hedgehog Affair (Basement Records)
05. Tales From The Darkside (Mickey Finn & Bay-B-Kane remix)- Tango & Ratty (white label)
06. Weird Energy- DJ Hype (Suburban Base)
07. Jungle- Simon Bassline Smith (Absolute 2)
08. Get Busy Crew- Scott & Sucks (Reinforced)
09. Dark Matter (remix)- Kev Bird & Wax Doctor (Basement Records)
10. Lovin’ You- Primary Source (Reinforced)
11. Are You Sure I’ll Be OK?- Liquid Aliens (white label)
12. Another Direction- Wax Doctor (Basement Records)
13. A New Creation (VIP mix)- DJ Gwange (Legend Records)
14. Teknoska- Agent Orange (white label)
15. Gonna Be Alright (Cloud 9 remix)- Nookie (Reinforced)
16. Dubplate (Ray Keith remix)- XLR8 (white label)
17. Prophecy- Unknown (white label)



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