Kid Kameleon — Footwork Mix

Ghost Mutt of the awesome Lowriders Collective playfully calls it “Bandwagon Footwork”, which far from being belittling I think neatly tells the story in a nutshell. Which, slightly expanded, in my interpretation, reads like this:

*Producers in Chicago ever since the 90s have been making raunchy, funny, over the top dance music. With very simple drum and bassline programming. Like this. People called it Juke.
*In the 2nd half of the ’00s, other Chicago producers took that template, sped it up even more, took out some kicks, threw in A LOT of toms all over the place, and started both cutting up and weirdly detuning vocal snippits. Like this.
*Lots of this stuff was played for dance-off battles at places like rec centers in South Side Chicago. They look like this. Hense the genre name: Footwork. As in music for footwork battles.
*Mike Paradinas of Planet Mu, always a pioneer listener, picked up on it (with a little help from my hommie Staypuft and others) and put out a ton of this stuff, which in turn reached a broad community of international electronic music producers that might have otherwise missed it.
*Those producers, including lots of white people, realized that it was the craziest, weirdest dance music out there and started to incorporate the production technics of Footwork into their tracks.
*(Bang and Works Vol 2 out Nov 7th! It’s huge!)

I made a mix of all my favorite stuff of the last couple years – both from the original Chicago footwork stuff and the folks that have taken it and run with it. The result is up on Percussion Lab. Mixed fast because that’s how this stuff is meant to be presented (I once had a DJ Funk mixtape that had 99 tracks on it – I always guessed because that was the max # of divisions you could put on a CD). 47 tracks in 59 mins and 59 secs.



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