De Leu — Double Mashup Attack

I proudly present to you two new mashup tracks, before the start of the new season of Sky Society. Special thanks to Alex Discoteque for the long-awaited disco covers and to Yuriy Kakrazvysokiy for the Pon de floor idea. So let it be the first post of the updated domain!

Also FYI my new name for mashups will be DLU.

pon de floor

Major Lazer Feat. VYBZ Kartel – Pon De Floor
Reel 2 Real – I Like To Move It


B.o.B feat. Taylor Swift — Both Of Us (Instrumental)
Taylor Swift – Love Story (Acapella)
Lily Allen — Fuck You (Acapella)
Gotye — Somebody That I Used to Know
Adele – Rumor Has It
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De Leu

60 Hertz «WHY» (2012)

1 мая наши хорошие товарищи 60 hertz завершили свои труды и выпустили новый альбом WHY. Активно слушаем и лайкаем!!)

Итак, новый альбом группы 60 Hertz «WHY» готов и выложен для скачивания! ПРЯМЫЕ ССЫЛКИ! Без кодов, регистрации и рекламы!

Альбом доступен в двух версиях: стандартная (10 треков) и микс (один файл — микс из всех треков, переходящих друг в друга без пауз)

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Bong-Ra — Monolith LP [PRSPCT Recordings RVLT01 (2012)]

Вышел альбом Bong-Ra, ранее анонсированный. Изначально заманивал клевым клипчиком и всякими бонусами при покупке СД. Слушаем

Bong-Ra’s new album ‘Monolith’ is a new step in pure hybrid electronics. Seamlessly mixing all styles with ease. Be it Metal, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop and Dubstep. A musical characteristic he has gained international praise for.
‘Monolith’ is divided up into two segments : ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’. ‘Alpha’ are four Hiphop-esque colossals featuring the American rapper Sole, who has proven himself over the years with his crew and label Anticon. ‘Omega’ is the dancefloor orientated part of the album where Bong-Ra continues with his trademark Metalbreaks style.

Out on PRSPCT Recordings RVLT01. 2×12″LP / CD / MP3


Zigaz — Jungle Magic Mix

Свежий виниловый микс от нашего старооскольско-питерского камрада Зиги.

1.Hidden Agenda — The Flute Tune
2.Omni Trio — Renegade Snares (Rob’s Reconstruction Mix)
3.Tribe Of Issachar — Original Junglist
4.DJ Redoo — Bulldozer
5.Prizna ft. Demolotion Man — Fire (Urban Shakedown Mix)
6.Urban Shakedown ft. DBO Jeneral — Some Justice ’95 (Full Vocal Remix)
7.DJ Krome & Mr Time – The Licence
8.Fallen Angels — Hello Lover (Desired State’s Bad Boy Snare Mix)
9.DJ Flash — Pulp Fact
10.Mad Ragga Jon & Stetly — Fall Down On Me
11.Skeng gee — Connections (marvellous cain remix)
12.Ray Keith, Nookie, Steve Gurley — Express 95(RayKeith & Nookie Remix)
13.Drumdriver — Skyy (Remix L Double , Mickey Finn)
14.Jonny L — This Time (cool dub) title — no title



Moveltraxx Radio Show #15 – COBRA KRAMES April 10th 2012

Бодрячком! Tracklist:

Cobra Krames & Pink Cash – That Bump – Moveltraxx
Cobra Krames & Maggie Horn – Watch Out For The Big Boy – Top Billin
Cobra Krames & DJ A.N.S. ft. Smurfo – That Club – Gold Whistle
Cobra Krames & DJ A.N.S. ft. Smurfo – Bend Your Back – Gold Whistle
James Krown – Sleep (Cobra Krames Remix) – Type & Form Recording
Creep ft. Nina Sky – You (Cobra Krames Remix) – unreleased
Cobra Krames & DJ A.N.S. ft. Smurfo – Tryna Dagger – Gold Whistle
DJ Class – Tear The Club Up (Cobra Krames Remix) – Unruly Records
MikeQ ft. Kevin JZ Prodigy – Feels Like (Cobra Krames & Knish Hit Squad Remix) – unreleased
Murder Mark – Tear Shit Up (Cobra Krames Remix) – Zoo On Mars Ent
Cobra Krames – We Do Purple Kush – unreleased
Cobra Krames – Listen To The Track Bitch – unreleased
Sinden ft. G-Side – G Like Me (Cobra Krames Remix) – unreleased
Cobra Krames ft. Lisa Dank – Bed Squeek – Gold Whistle
Zebra Katz – Ima Read (Cobra Krames Remix) – unreleased




Mashup-Germany – Vol.6 “Back to the future”

Вышел сборник от боевиков машапа Mashup-Germany. Долго кормили превьюхами, которые довольно неплохо себя зарекомендовали. И вот наконец…!!

Here it is! The sixth Mashup-Germany album featuring 10 brand new tracks and ten 10 mashups that have been released within the past months.
The album also contains two official mashups of the song “Wenn sich der Nebel verzieht” by the german/austrian reggae superstars Mono & Nikitaman and Gentleman. Big upz to them and Rootdown Records“>Rootdown Records for the support!
I put a lot of work and even more love in the creation of this album.
I hope you will hear and feel that. You should also check out mashups, that you know already, because I remastered some of them and changed little bits and pieces.
The promo mix to the new album and tour will be released this Saturday 6pm (CEST) and the tour kick off will be this Sunday @Neuraum, Munich with a singer, all the new mashups and a lot of confetti!

Voice by RickLee / Artwork by JSterz.

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Mighty Melody – Mighty Jungle Dubz

Вышел новый микс прекрасной женщины Mighty Melody, насыщенный клевыми даплейтами парочкой наших уже любимых хитов. Ссылка на скачать отдельно, так как на сндклд закончился лимит.

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Code — History of Hardcore Mix ’92-’93

This is the first in a series of mixes aimed at cataloging the music (old & new) that has inspired the launch of the Bustle Beats label. This 1st mix by Code highlights some of his favourite tunes from 1992 & 1993 – 2 years that were seminal in the creation of the music known as Drum & Bass / Jungle.

Tracklisting :

1. Rufige Kru — «Terminator II» (Remix) (Reinforced)
2. Studio Pressure — «Jump MKII» (Certificate 18)
3. Naughty Trax Vol I — «The Dream» (Rugged Vinyl)
4. Scott & Kieth — «Get Busy Cru» (Reinforced)
5. Darkman — «Darkman» (As Dark As It Gets EP) (Formation)
6. Omni Trio — «Feel Good» (Original In Demand) (Moving Shadow)
7. Underground Software — «Different Ting» (Reinforced)
8. Cloud 9 — «Mr. Logic» (Cloud 9 Vol III) (Moving Shadow)
9. The Invisible Man — «The Bell Tune» (Good Looking)
10. Boogie Times Tribe — «The Dark Stranger» (Origin Unknown Mix) (Suburban Base)
11. Dj Trace — «Lost Entity» (New York Mix) (Lucky Spin)
12. Bizzy B + Peshay — «Merder Style» (2 Dope EP) (Dope)
13. Dj Rap & Aston — «Vertigo» (Q Bass Dark Mix) (Suburban Base)
14. 4 Hero — «Reality» (Golden Age EP) (Reinforced)
15. 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse — «We Are The Future» (Tone Def)
16. Manix — «The X Factor» (The Directors Cut) (Reinforced)
17. LTJ Bukem & Tayla — «Bang The Drums» (Good Looking)
18. S.M.F — «Twisted Bungle» (SMF Vol V) (Rugged Vinyl)
19. The Man Like Pennywise — «Suspension Of Disbelief» (Symphony Sounds)
20. Bizzy B — «Ecstacy Is A Science» (Whitehouse)
21. Hyper On Experience — «Lord Of The Null Lines» (Foul Play Remix) (Moving Shadow)
22. Chaos & Julia Set — «The Atmosphere» (Sub Base Field Mix) (Recoil)
23. Tango — «Future Followers» (Remix) (Formation)
24. Nookie — «Phobia» (Reinforced)