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The End Of DJing… First off, if you’re reading this on your cell phone and you’re in the middle of a dance floor at a club, say good night to your friends, pay your tab, walk outside and step in front of a bus.  The world thanks you. I’ve been meaning to write this article for some time and I’m actually glad that I didn’t.  So many things have happened in the years since this seed was planted and they all help to buttress my perspective.  Whether or not you agree with me after reading this doesn’t matter to me at all.  As a DJ and a person who might consider killing himself if he went deaf because he loves music that much, I live this.  This is my life.  If something happened and I never DJ’d another gig, I would be satisfied with my career.  I’ve played all over the United States, in other countries and with too many amazing artists and DJs to name.  I’ve supported myself playing music to make people dance.  I have no complaints or regrets. Als

Очень правильная статья.

They say, “Gimme whatever will work in the club”. They just want 20 disco tracks to have their “disco set”. They don’t actually like disco. They don’t give a fuck about the music. They’d play the same 20 disco songs for the rest of their life and not care.”