Wanna be a DJ?

В интернетах кто-то оцифровал и выложил VHS-кассету 15-летней давности «Wanna be a DJ?» (может это и не официальное название) — полуторочасовой фильм состоящий из интервью с актуальными на тот момент дискжокеями (многие из которых актуальны и по сей день — Рок Райдер, Джон Дигвид, Роджер Санчес etc.), обзоры техники, советы начинающим.

Самый огонь на 45й минуте

Future Sound — An Underground Electronic Music Documentary

Dir: Jamie Whitby & Rachel Lob-levyt // UK // 2010

Future Sound is a short documentary that looks into a small cross section of London’s forward-thinking underground dance music scene, exploring some of the things that define and affect it as it moves into a new age of digital innovation.

Featuring interviews with Roska, Scratcha DVA, Blackdown, Mark Fisher, and Lisa Blanning, plus footage from a live SBTRKT DJ set.

Beat Makers

Совершенное не свежее документальное видео о хип-хоп битмейкарах, но не смог пройти мимо.

BeatMakers a 90 minute independent documentary, charts the never ending hustle of up and coming as well as seasoned producers. Filmed inside their in home studios, these hungry musicians aspire to obtain more equipment, sell their hot tracks, and, of course, make a name for themselves in the competitive music industry.

The movie follows a plethora of track masters in various stages of their careers including newcomer Justin «J Dot» Moyd, a 23 year college student who nears graduation, as he assembles his production center, works with aspiring recording artists and puts together his first professional demo package. We also see a group of savvy producers combine their collective efforts called ‘Battery Five’ discuss their trials and tribulations and their relentless pursuit to create a «movement» and be recognized in such a tumultuous business.

The film provides a behind the scenes forum for composers to get a lot off their chests and discuss their unbridled passion for making music all with a steadfast belief that the ‘next’ track will be the one to take them to the ‘next’ level!

Bassweight DVD

Со вчерашнего дня поступил в продажу уже около года назад анонсированный и показанный этой весной на всяких фестивалях полноценный (61 минута) документальный фильм о дабстепе от команды The SRK. Фильм получил бигапы от таких господ как Код Найн и Мери Энн Хоббс (о чем свидетельствует стикер на обложке) и от ряда других персонажей.

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