An Interview With Pete DEV/NULL + Podcast

Совершенно гиковское интервью о пластинках с заслуженным брейккорщиком и по совместительству владельцем одной из самых крутых коллекций олдскульного хардкора и джангла, основателя горячо лубимого бложика


Munchi Interview

Sometimes I feel like i’m the only one who sees that Moombahton has one of the biggest potentials of genres that came up the last 10-15 years.

If you strip it all down, it all comes from Jamaica. The main base of Moombahton is an equal share of Dutch House/Reggeton. Both of them are offsprings of Raggamuffin if you think about it. Dutch House has a big influence of Bubbling House. Bubbling House is a modern version of Bubbling which in reality is sped up Raggamuffin.

You could see this as the Western evolution of that root. Then you have the thing what you know as Reggeton nowdays, which came from the older version of it (Raggamuffin in Spanish) developed in Panama and Puerto Rico. This you could see as the Latin evolution of that root.

So put that together you have a huge clash of basicaly the same shit. Both sides come back in Moombahton with all their learned experience and knowledge.

No wonder that I can mix all this shit in the Moombahton base and get away with it. I’ve done a lot of genre mashing, but none make it seem so simple as Moombahton.

FULL INTERVIEW + FREE TRACK (Walmer Convenience Musical Blog)

RA: Playing favourites: Bong-Ra

«Everyone has their dark side,» laughs Jason Köhnen. The man better known as Bong-Ra, responsible for some of the most thrashing electronic music out there, has just admitted to having «a thing» for Rod Stewart in hot pants—one of the many surprises thrown up in our interview. Another: He rarely listens to electronic music at home, preferring more «organic» strains of audio, as he calls it.


Music can’t get harder, faster, more complex, more visceral, more dystopian or more alien than that stuff: it represents a vanguard we’ve never quite caught up with, and most music made 17 or 18 years later exists in its shadow whether it knows it or not. The challenge facing any self-respecting artist today is to make music that’s even half as engrossing and insurrectionary as the finest jungle records. —Kiran Sande

Полное интервью RA с основателем лейбла Blackest Ever Black.

Knowledge Magazine — Bay B Kane Interview

In jungle’s golden era Bay B Kane and his myriad aliases produced and released some of the best beats of the time on some of the best labels. ’95 saw him take a back seat and after a lull in output he bounced back with a new LP in 2010.

Since then he’s released the Brick Jungle LP in April and this month sees the release of his latest LP, Jungle Love, on Junglist Manifesto. Not too many producers return after such a long break, especially with an LP as strong as this one. I’ve heard Jungle Love and lemme tell you, if golden era jungle with a 2011 twist is your thing, this album will bust your head right open. BBK shares his thoughts on love, life, beats and bass.


Future Sound — An Underground Electronic Music Documentary

Dir: Jamie Whitby & Rachel Lob-levyt // UK // 2010

Future Sound is a short documentary that looks into a small cross section of London’s forward-thinking underground dance music scene, exploring some of the things that define and affect it as it moves into a new age of digital innovation.

Featuring interviews with Roska, Scratcha DVA, Blackdown, Mark Fisher, and Lisa Blanning, plus footage from a live SBTRKT DJ set.

Toddla T Interview for

Коротенькое интервью с одним из моих любимых молодых джокеев/продюссеров Тоддлой Ти для сайта

На фоне видео играет вырезка из микса Тоддлы BIG LIKE TRUCK для блога/лейбла Bigger Than Barry (скачать).

Бонусом к интервью приложили римейк одной из моих любимых (вот так удача) хип-хоп композиций — 93 till infinity (изначально исполненная группой Souls of Mischief) — таймлесс классик, оу е.