Tomorrow! Sky Friday @ Zhivot

Йоу! Приглашаем всех любителей петь и плясать посетить очередную мультиформатную вечеринку в серии Sky Friday. Музыкальное разнообразие, фришные входа для прекрасной половины человечества, добродушные охранники и цены на баре, лучи добра, любви и сексуальности и просто возможность погреться в февральские морозы в компании приятных людей.

Sky Crew:


BOYZ — 25 uah

Some Cumbia

Два крутых фришных релиза, спасибо блогу FuturoBeat. Пару треков уже позаводил в Животе.

DJ Rafa Caivano — Jahtari Cumbiado

Ипишка с ремиксами на Jahtari.



DJ Broken Record — Cumbiahtonical EP

Кумбиатон (!) ремиксы на Moby, Clint Mansell и Phillip Glass.



Munchi Interview

Sometimes I feel like i’m the only one who sees that Moombahton has one of the biggest potentials of genres that came up the last 10-15 years.

If you strip it all down, it all comes from Jamaica. The main base of Moombahton is an equal share of Dutch House/Reggeton. Both of them are offsprings of Raggamuffin if you think about it. Dutch House has a big influence of Bubbling House. Bubbling House is a modern version of Bubbling which in reality is sped up Raggamuffin.

You could see this as the Western evolution of that root. Then you have the thing what you know as Reggeton nowdays, which came from the older version of it (Raggamuffin in Spanish) developed in Panama and Puerto Rico. This you could see as the Latin evolution of that root.

So put that together you have a huge clash of basicaly the same shit. Both sides come back in Moombahton with all their learned experience and knowledge.

No wonder that I can mix all this shit in the Moombahton base and get away with it. I’ve done a lot of genre mashing, but none make it seem so simple as Moombahton.

FULL INTERVIEW + FREE TRACK (Walmer Convenience Musical Blog)

Bro Safari — Moombahton Mix Vol. 2


01. Bro Safari — Da Worm
02. Market Price & Will Bailey — Ruckus
03. UMAN — Cheap Thrills
04. Bro Safari — Uncrushable
05. Nadastrom — i!!
06. Will Bailey — Warhead (Nick Thayer Remix)
07. SPL — Back at it (Bro Safari Remix)
08. Tommie Sunshine — Tonight’s The Night (JWLS Remix)
09. Torro Torro — Country Club (J-Trick Remix)
10. Mayhem — Player Hater
11. Torro Torro & Long Jawns — The Pump
12. Bro Safari & LeDoom — Boink
13. Jay Fay & Ra Cailum — $ $ OOPS $ $
14. UFO! — Reptilian Sex Parade
15. Will Bailey — Lizard
16. Bro Safari — 5150
17. ETC!ETC! & J-Trick — Gat Up
18. JWLS — Ezekiel
19. Porter Robinson — 100% In The Bitch
20. Carrier — Drrrrop
21. Bro Safari & UFO! — Do It
22. Soulja Boy — All Black Everything (Jay Fay Remix)
23. Nerd Rage & Frankie Howland — Fiya!
24. Dillon Francis — IDGAFOS
25. J-Trick — Vato
26. David Heartbreak — Blaze Up (Mendez & Pickster VIP)
27. UFO! & Mayhem — Untitled (Seafood)
28. Sazon Booya — Mis Armas
29. Bro Safari & UFO! — Laff Track
30. ETC!ETC! & J-Trick — Hold The Line
31. Duck Sauce — Big Bad Wolf (Craze & Codes Remix)
32. JWLS — Bashin
33. Tittsworth & Alvin Risk — Pendejas
34. Aylen — Daftton
35. Bro Safari & UFO! — Afterthought
36. Excision & Datsik — Swagga (Will Bailey & Incahoots Remix)
37. ETC!ETC! & J-Trick — Lessgo
38. Alvaro Ft. Pitbull & Lil Jon — Fucking Ghetto
39. Must Die Ft. Feti — Muevelo
40. Bro Safari — K-hole