Seven seconds of fire

Why was Amen so popular? One answer is that it fulfilled a need: easy to sample and manipulate, it offered producers a straightforward way into jungle. Many amateur producers, including this correspondent, have been surprised to discover how easy it is to make the junglist equivalent of instant noodles by sampling, looping and speeding up the break. Eventually Amen acquired critical mass; producers used it because everyone else did.


и вторая часть статьи с треками:

Chainer @ Zhivot (01-apr-2011)

Запись сета с последней вечеринки в Животе. Олдскул вайбз. Pic somewhat related.

01 Amazon II — Deep In The Jungle
02 Stakka & K Tee — Danger Zone
03 Alex Reece — Basic Principles (Dillinja Step 1 Remix)
04 Deep Blue — The Helicopter Tune
05 The Bomb Squad — Balance
06 Levictus — Burial
07 M Beat — Style
08 Congo Natty — Radical (Zulu Warrior Mix)
09 Dj Zinc — On Fire Tonight
10 Criminal Sound — NWC
11 Cutty Ranks — Limb By Limb (Dj SS Remix)
12 Dead Dred — Dred Bass (Origin Unknown Remix)
13 Back 2 Basics — Horns For 94
14 DMS & The Boneman X — Sweet Vibrations (Kimble & Half Breed Remix)
15 Dillinja — You Don’t Know (Remix)
16 Dj Nut Nut — Special Dedication (Vip Mix)
17 Urban Shakedown — Arsonist
18 The Prizna — Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix)
19 Mystical Influence — Dub Plate Pressure

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Nolige — All Dilllinja ’93 — ’95 Mix


01. Capone — Untitled
02. Dillinja — Untitled
03. Dillinja — Untitled
04. Dillinja — Untitled
05. Underworld — The Rising
06. Dillinja, MR E & Clarky — Steelers Anthem
07. Suburban Knights — As It Grooves
08. Dillinja — Untitled
09. Dillinja — Heavenly Bass
10. Dillinja — Deadly Deep Subs
11. Dillinja — Warrior
12. Dillinja — Deadly Ceremonies
13. Dillinja — You Don’t Know [Remix]
14. Trinity — Chapter 20
15. Dillinja — Sovereign Melody
16. Trinity — Chapter 19
17. Dillinja & Berty B — Lion Heart
18. Trinity — I Salassie I
19. Dillinja — Brutal Bass
20. Dillinja — The Angels Fell
21. Basic Influence — Still Waters



Kode 9 — FACT Mix #156

Хозяин лейбла Hyperdub внезапно заводит джангл ’94-’96 для журнала FACT.

1. Soundman & Don Lloyde with Elizabeth Troy – Greater Love
2. Lemon D – Manhatten Melody
3. Dope Style – You Must Think First
4. Nut Nut – Special Dedication
5. Undercover Agent – Oh Gosh
6. DJ SS – MA2 remix
7. 12-10 Series Mk 1 – All that Jazz
8. L Double featuring Bassman – Da Base too Dark
9. Urban Jungle – Back in the Daze
10. Sacred – Kall the Kops
11. Fusion Forum – Vintage Keys
12. Maldini – Def Roll
13. Bad Influence feat. DJ Rush Puppie – Time & Time


Crissy Murderbot — Week 46: The Year in Jungle — 1994

Крисси Медабот наконец-то записал микс с классическим джанглом. Качаем!

Over the life of this blog, I’ve spent a lot of time blathering about how amazing 1991-1992 was for dance music. Before this year of mixtapes project is over, I really ought to devote a tape to 1994, the year jungle music really came into its own. 1994 was the year I really started buying dance records in quantity with the intention of becoming a DJ or whatever, and it was really the peak of the jungle scene. The whole genre just seemed so crazy and revolutionary and new, and SO MANY CLASSIC tracks came out every week that it was just impossible for a high-schooler in Kansas City to keep up.

So yeah, here’s a tape of some of my favorites. I’ve tried to really run the gamut from ambient wishy-washy dolphin music to mashed-up dread bass to ruff-and-rugged amen ragga smashers. Enjoy!

1. Deep Blue; The Helicopter Tune (Rufige Kru Remix) (Movin’ Shadow)
2. DJ Hype feat. MC GQ; Roll the Beats (Remix) (Suburban Base)
3. Sponge; The Crash (Suburban Base)
4. Area 39; Attitude (Bear Necessities)
5. Goldie; Saint Angel (Metalheadz / FFRR)
6. DJ Hype; Mash Up Da Place (Origin Unknown Remix) (Ganja Records)
7. Droppin’ Science Vol. 3; Firin’ Line (Droppin’ Science)
8. A Guy Called Gerald; Finley’s Rainbow (Juice Box)
9. Aladdin; We Enter (Deep Forest Dub) (Aphrodite)
10. Amazon II; Beat Booyaaa! (Remix) (Aphrodite)
11. Jungle Warrior; No Surrender (Pure Warrior Style) (Strictly Underground)
12. DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith; King of the Jungle (VIP) (Kings of the Jungle)
13. DJ Krome & Mr. Time; Studio One Lik (Tearin’ Vinyl)
14. Johnny Jungle; Johnny ’94 (DJ Dextrous Remix) (Suburban Base)
15. Tom & Jerry; Dancer (Tom & Jerry)
16. Sophisticated Bad Boyz; Feel the Magic VIP (Suburban Base)
17. DJ Dextrous; With A K (Subliminal)
18. Urban Jungle; Back in the Days (Jungle Mania)
19. Mental Power; Real (Formation Records)
20. Dred Bass; Dead Dred (Origin Unknown Remix) (Movin’ Shadow)
21. The Dream Team; Yeah Man (Joker Records)
22. Fallen Angels; Hello Lover (Desired State Remix) (IQ Recordings)
23. Dillinja; Baby Your (Logic Productions / Breakdown Records)
24. Undercover Agent; Oh Gosh (Juice)
25. Noise Factory; The Future (Strictly Underground)
26. Remarc; Thunderclap (White House Records)
27. Dextrous & Teebone; Top Gun (Subversive Records)
28. Pooch & Hursee; Baby Baby (Cut & Run)
29. D’Cruze; Lonely (Suburban Base)