Code — History of Hardcore Mix ’92-’93

This is the first in a series of mixes aimed at cataloging the music (old & new) that has inspired the launch of the Bustle Beats label. This 1st mix by Code highlights some of his favourite tunes from 1992 & 1993 – 2 years that were seminal in the creation of the music known as Drum & Bass / Jungle.

Tracklisting :

1. Rufige Kru — «Terminator II» (Remix) (Reinforced)
2. Studio Pressure — «Jump MKII» (Certificate 18)
3. Naughty Trax Vol I — «The Dream» (Rugged Vinyl)
4. Scott & Kieth — «Get Busy Cru» (Reinforced)
5. Darkman — «Darkman» (As Dark As It Gets EP) (Formation)
6. Omni Trio — «Feel Good» (Original In Demand) (Moving Shadow)
7. Underground Software — «Different Ting» (Reinforced)
8. Cloud 9 — «Mr. Logic» (Cloud 9 Vol III) (Moving Shadow)
9. The Invisible Man — «The Bell Tune» (Good Looking)
10. Boogie Times Tribe — «The Dark Stranger» (Origin Unknown Mix) (Suburban Base)
11. Dj Trace — «Lost Entity» (New York Mix) (Lucky Spin)
12. Bizzy B + Peshay — «Merder Style» (2 Dope EP) (Dope)
13. Dj Rap & Aston — «Vertigo» (Q Bass Dark Mix) (Suburban Base)
14. 4 Hero — «Reality» (Golden Age EP) (Reinforced)
15. 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse — «We Are The Future» (Tone Def)
16. Manix — «The X Factor» (The Directors Cut) (Reinforced)
17. LTJ Bukem & Tayla — «Bang The Drums» (Good Looking)
18. S.M.F — «Twisted Bungle» (SMF Vol V) (Rugged Vinyl)
19. The Man Like Pennywise — «Suspension Of Disbelief» (Symphony Sounds)
20. Bizzy B — «Ecstacy Is A Science» (Whitehouse)
21. Hyper On Experience — «Lord Of The Null Lines» (Foul Play Remix) (Moving Shadow)
22. Chaos & Julia Set — «The Atmosphere» (Sub Base Field Mix) (Recoil)
23. Tango — «Future Followers» (Remix) (Formation)
24. Nookie — «Phobia» (Reinforced)


An Interview With Pete DEV/NULL + Podcast

Совершенно гиковское интервью о пластинках с заслуженным брейккорщиком и по совместительству владельцем одной из самых крутых коллекций олдскульного хардкора и джангла, основателя горячо лубимого бложика


DJ Chainer — live @ zhivot (04-02-2012)

Микс с последний пати. Отлично прокачались под олдскульный джангл/хардстеп.


01 Bob Marley & The Wailers — Is This Love
02 Dennis Brown — Declaration of Rights
03 Dennis Brown & Dillinger — Jah Is Watching You/Flat Foot Hustling
04 Congo Natty feat. KRS-One & Tim Dog — Radical (Zulu Warrior Mix)
05 DRS feat. Kenny Ken — Everyman
06 Jungle Brothers — Jungle Brother (Urban Takeover Remix)
07 Aladdin — Woman That Rolls
08 Prisoners Of Technology — The Trick Of Technology (Time To Work Mix)
09 Shimon & Andy C — Quest
10 Roni Size — It’s Jazzy
11 E.P.S. — Hype The Funk
12 DJ Hype feat. MC Fats — Peace, Love & Unity (Remix)
13 M-Beat feat. General Levy — Incredible
14 Knowledge & Wisdom feat. Tenor Saw — Ring Da Alarm
15 Roni Size & Reprazent — Brown Paper Bag
16 Tribe Of Issachar & Peter Bouncer — Junglist (DJ Zinc Remix)


FACT mix 250: 2 Bad Mice

If you don’t know about FACT mixes then where have you been? Pretty much anyone who’s anyone in underground music has done one of these in last few years so it was a huge privilege to be asked to do their 250th anniversary mix. It’s only up for a limited time so don’t sleep on this one. —via

1. Underkut – “Both Ends” Mendoza
2. Da Juice “Hear The Angels” Torso
3. Walters & Allen “On De Ball” Mendoza
4. 2 Bad Mice “Bombscare” Moving Shadow
5. Kicks Like A Mule “The Bouncer” Tribal Bass
6. Code 071 “A London Sumtin” Reinforced
7. The Sorcerer “Odyssey” ADR
8. MC Jay J & DJ Devious D “Time Of Our Lives” Awesome
9. Kaotic Chemistry “Space Cakes” Moving Shadow
10. Chemical Company “Define the Beat” White Label
11. M17 “Rockin’ Down The House” Chill
12. DJ Phantasy & DJ Seduction “DJ’s Unite” Impact
13. Edge 1 “Compounded” Edge Records
14. DJ Tim & DJ Misjah “Access” (Rhodesy VIP) X-Trax
15. Urban Hype “Trip” (Renmix) Faze 2
16. Phuture Assassins “Future Sound” (2 Bad Mice Remix) Suburban Bass


Tango – Bassfreqs Podcast 010

..An oldschool producer/DJ don offering up a new mix that’s filled with old (not crusty, but classic) sounds inna mix session. It’s like a re-education to those who’ve been around a while and a base knowledge sharing with the new heads that are listening. No matter how ya cut it, it’s golden and you need to hear it.

Tango touchin’ down with Bassfreqs for this one, all masive!

01. The Poem- Acoustic Assault Squad (Reflective Records)
02. Chicken & Sweetcorn- Krispy Krouton (white label)
03. Volume 4- Wax Doctor (Basement Records)
04. Don’t Just Stand There- Hedgehog Affair (Basement Records)
05. Tales From The Darkside (Mickey Finn & Bay-B-Kane remix)- Tango & Ratty (white label)
06. Weird Energy- DJ Hype (Suburban Base)
07. Jungle- Simon Bassline Smith (Absolute 2)
08. Get Busy Crew- Scott & Sucks (Reinforced)
09. Dark Matter (remix)- Kev Bird & Wax Doctor (Basement Records)
10. Lovin’ You- Primary Source (Reinforced)
11. Are You Sure I’ll Be OK?- Liquid Aliens (white label)
12. Another Direction- Wax Doctor (Basement Records)
13. A New Creation (VIP mix)- DJ Gwange (Legend Records)
14. Teknoska- Agent Orange (white label)
15. Gonna Be Alright (Cloud 9 remix)- Nookie (Reinforced)
16. Dubplate (Ray Keith remix)- XLR8 (white label)
17. Prophecy- Unknown (white label)




Внезапная пати не от Скай Сосаети, но с лайн-апом, состоящим полностью из нас.

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